Welcome to my website dedicated to my passion – creating handcrafted sculptures and figurines from plaster. I'm fascinated by the possibilities this unique material offers. Each of my sculptures is the result of hours of work, from casting to perfecting the details, painting, waxing, and applying eco-friendly lacquer. I want to share with you my creativity, the creative process, and the inspirations that guide my artist's hand. I invite you to explore this extraordinary world of craftsmanship and art.

I invite you to discover the fascinating world I've crafted through creating handcrafted sculptures and figurines from plaster. For me, plaster modeling and alabaster are the materials from which I conjure exceptional works of art.

In my workshop, a diverse range of figurines takes shape. I start with unique figures depicting both men and women, radiating elegance and sophistication. However, my sculptures encompass not only human figures but also charming animal figurines that captivate with their charm.

Additionally, I create sculptures in the form of enclosed boxes and figurines that serve as original containers for storing jewelry. Each of my works tells a story, one that I strive to breathe life into through the material.

I encourage you to explore my creative world, where manual labor and imagination converge to create unique works of art.

You can purchase my sculptures on these platforms:

or contact me via email at justineartworld@gmail.com


Below, I present some examples of my work: