wall tapestries

Amazing wall tapestries You can buy on Society6 or Redbubble (part1) (part2)

This beautiful wall tapestry is:
– available three sizes:
Small: 51”x60″ inch (129,5 cm x 152,4 cm)
Medium: 68”x80″ inch (172,7 cm x 203,2 cm)
Large: 88”x104″ inch (223,5 cm x 264,2 cm)

Printing technology > DTG printing

– 100% lightweight polyester
– hand-sewn finished edges
– featuring vivid colors and crisp lines, these highly unique and versatile tapestries are durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use.
– highly unique and versatile
– durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use
– machine washable with cold water on gentle cycle using mild detergent
– tumble dry with low heat


Wall tapestry – sizes:

wall tapestry world maps

World Map > World Maps > Map of the World tapestry

wall tapestry world maps          buyons6

wm7 buyons6

wm6 buyons6

wm5 buyons6

wm4 buyons6

wm3 buyons6

wm2 buyons6

wm1 buyons6

world map 2020  buyons6

world map tapestry buyons6

world map tapestry buyons6

world map splash tapestry buyons6

world map tapestry buyons6

world map wood tapestry buyons6

wmap2026 buyons6

wm2050 buyons6

wm2040 buyons6

wm2038 buyons6

wm2037 buyons6

wm2027 buyons6

wm2026 buyons6

world map tapestry buyons6

world map tapestry buyons6

world map tapestry buyons6

world map tapestry buyons6


world map tapestry buyons6

world map tapestry buyons6

wm7 buyons6

wm8 buyons6

wm9 buyons6

wm10 buyons6

wm11 buyons6

wm12 buyons6

wm13 buyons6


wall tapestry world map buyons6

wall tapestry world map buyons6

wall tapestry world map buyons6

world map tapestry buyons6

world map tapestry buyons6

world map tapestry buyons6

world map tapestry buyons6

world map tapestry buyons6

world map tapestry buyons6

world map tapestry buyons6

wall tapestries   buyons6

wall tapestries map of the world buyons6

wall tapestries world maps buyons6

world maps buyons6

Flora tapestry


walnut  buyons6

rosa buyons6

poppy  buyons6

grappe buyons6

dandelion  buyons6

cocos buyons6

cannabis buyons6

gutta  buyons6



Mandala tapestry

m10 buyons6

m11 buyons6

m12 buyons6

m13 buyons6

m14 buyons6

m15 buyons6

m16 buyons6

m17 buyons6

m18 buyons6

m19 buyons6

magic1 buyons6

magic2 buyons6

magic3 buyons6

magic4 buyons6

magic5 buyons6

magic6 buyons6

magic 8 buyons6

king art buyons6

king of fire buyons6

king of life buyons6

king of water buyons6

star buyons6

mandala dragon tapestry buyons6

mandala wind rose tapestry buyons6

yellow stone tapestry buyons6

mandala tapestry buyons6

Indian carpet tapestry buyons6

Cave tapestry buyons6

Lake tapestry buyons6

Like a wind mandala tapestry buyons6

Magic place tapestry buyons6


Mandala dream tapestry buyons6




Fractal Art > Abstract Art tapestry

I have got the power buyons6

spirit buyons6

art2 buyons6

art1 buyons6

hedgehog buyons6

flying buyons6

waves buyons6

Bird of Paradise Fractal Art tapestry buyons6

Blue Hornet Fractal Art tapestry buyons6

flowers tapestry buyons6

forest tapestry buyons6

orchid tapestry buyons6

other side tapestry buyons6

sun fractal tapestry buyons6

sun fractal tapestry buyons6


Skyline city > Skyline cities > Skyline tapestry

Cracow skyline tapestry buyons6

Las Vegas tapestry buyons6

London skyline city tapestry buyons6

London skyline tapestry buyons6

Los Angeles California Skyline tapestry buyons6

Minneapolis Skyline tapestry buyons6

Moscow skyline tapestry buyons6

New York skyline tapestry buyons6

Paris skyline tapestry buyons6

Prague skyline tapestry buyons6

Seattle Washington skyline tapestry buyons6

Warsaw skyline tapestry buyons6

Madrid skyline tapestry buyons6

San Francisco skyline tapestry buyons6

Colored London skyline tapestry buyons6

Cracow City Skyline tapestry buyons6

Cracow City Skyline map tapestry buyons6

Colosseum Rome tapestry buyons6


Animals < Animals tapestry

Elephant tapestry buyons6


tiger 2 buyons6

tiger 1 buyons6

magic world buyons6

lion buyons6

leopard buyons6

chameleon buyons6

fox tapestry buyons6

butterfly tapestry buyons6

kestrel tapestry buyons6

lovebird tapestry buyons6

moose tapestry buyons6

owl tapestry buyons6

parrot tapestry buyons6

peacock tapestry buyons6

rooster tapestry buyons6

wolf tapestry buyons6

zebra tapestry buyons6

buddy the dog buyons6

cat buyons6

racoon  buyons6

Fish are friend not food poker tapestry buyons6

I love music tapestry buyons6




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